L.Shipping is known for its excellent prices & service to Ireland an UK, our core business for over 16 years. 


Partloads, groupage, full loads, only one address: L.Shipping bvba!

On a weekly basis, we ship over more than 10 groupage containers to a variety of Irish destinations, going from North to South.

We have departures on Tuesdays and Fridays and arrive in depot in Ireland on Fridays & Mondays/Tuesdays.

We ship 45’ highcube containers, curtainside containers or 13.6m trailers.

Together with our Irish partners, located in Dublin & Ashbourne, we guarantee an excellent door-to-door service.


L.Shipping bvba offers daily departures from and to the UK, including Scotland.

Already for 16 years, we ship Partloads, groupage & full loads in container, curtainsider or trailer, through reliable and competitive partnerships.

No surprises in price setting & lead times.